Monday, 25 March 2013


 An aliens army, all figures from Pendraken, what you see above is a £13.00 battlepack and 3 packs of figures in addition, Aliens, little aliens and face huggers.  Overall a great little army, only had one game so far but it went well.  Marines got owned!  The figures are great with not much painting needed either, what with aliens been basically black.  The figures are based with grey basetex (made by myself)  and is has a good effect I think.  So here they are.
 Alien queen based with some spare eggs
 Face guggers and opened eggs, these look great and as I mixed the two types up it gives a much better look than just a line of face huggers.
 The core of any alien army, the alien warriors themselves
 the little guys, supposed to be dog bursters but as I am old fashioned and hate Prometheus and I am usig these as immature aliens, basically 1 setp from a little chest burster.  Basically I think aliens look like aliens regardless of what life form they chestate in, after all why do all cuckoos look the same, if you dont like it read the old comic strips, much better than the terrible new films.
Here is the centrepeice of the army, the alie nest.  Made of milliput with pendraken egg cases added in with casualties.  The casualties/victims are dressed as both marines and the guys from AVP (Aliens Vs. Predators)  So they are in winter/snow/cold wether oufit, hece the orange/yellow.  The reason for this is thats what I was watching when making it and I am thinking of fighting over an abandoned whaling station.

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