Friday, 19 July 2013

Aliens Vs. Colonial Marines

 We finally got the aliens out to play, in a stand up fight.  The marines started with 2 command posts, one on the river and the other on the main road flyover.
 The aliens occupied the factory and set out in a swarm at the marines, The tanks engaged first, doing little damage.
 On the river the marines dug in, putting up barbed wire and sandbags and awaited attack.
 Aliens captured the opposite side of the bank but were prevented from attacking by the marine monitor.
 The monitor kept the aliens pinned with heavy fire.
 At the fly over a drop ship opens up on the aliens with better effects than the tanks, rockets doing a lot of damage!
 Aliens charged the first line of defence, the marines lost an APC.
 Bad rolling led to the loss of the monitor.  But killed off almost all the large creatures leaving only face huggers.
 With defences over run the marines called in an evac, the dropship landed and made ready to take off but the dice were against them.
 Aliens over ran the drop ship, its passengers lost.
 Surviving face huggers swim the river and take out the Landing craft.
 Caught outside their defences the marines across the river were over run.
The last stand lasted a full 3 turns, but shear alien numbers overwhelmed the marines.

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