Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Japanese army WWI

This is my Japanese WWI Army.  The army is only small at the moment but its still under construction lacking medium artillery.

Although Japanese army did not play a direct role in the war it did play an important one. At the outbreak of WWI The British asked for Japanese help against the Germans in china, the Japanese sent 28,000 troops and 2 squadrons of ships to help.

What followed was the Tsingtau Campaign. Japanese troops supported by a small number of British and Indian troops took the German colony. The campaign was a small one but its success managed to keep china out of the war on the central powers side. 

Of-course as the war continued Japanese troops also fought against Indian troops in china as well as a considerable naval commitment in both convoy escort and the Gallipoli campaign. 200,000 troops were made available to the entente powers on the western front or the middle east but this was turned down. By 1919 Japanese troops were heavily committed supporting the Tsarist Russian forces in the Russian civil war.
The army consist of:
2 cavalty Squodrons
2 Guard Battalions
4 Infanty battalions
2 Aircraft
6 Field guns
4 Heavy Naval guns
 Japanese Cavalry
 Japanese Infantry
 Japanese Guard Infantry
210mm Heavy Naval Guns
75mm Field Guns
Farman MF11 Seaplanes (flown from the worlds first operational aircraft carrier) 

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  1. Interesting subject and great force. What figures did you use?
    Cheers, Richard P