Monday, 11 August 2014

Goblins Vs. Empire

The battle was fought as part of the ongoing campaign, fought in a fiction land etc etc...  In this battle The Goblin army is making a land and sea attack on the main settlement of the Empire.   The Empire, are the human protagonists based on the British empire in the 18th Century. 
The Goblin fleet chose to attack through the ships and land Goblins to the Empires rear.
The Empire ships led by a submarine 
On the shore troops await a possible land invasion.
The goblin army set out  for battle
The forward troops with light guns take cover behind a fence
The initial attack came from trolls who attacked the gun on the far flank of the Empire forces.  grenadiers tried to  flank them but failed to stop the gun been smashed by the trolls.
Goblin cavalry make a rush for the battle line, the Volley fire has little effect.
The wargs thinned out hit the line
At sea the Goblin ship in the lead gets blasted by broadsides and turned to matchwood.  However it successfully ran over the submarine while still  surfaced. 
Ignoring the lost ship the second goblin ship makes a successful ram against the ship of the line, capsizing it sending it to the bottom, a terrible loss for the defenders.
The Empire line broken is sent reeling back to the farm.
Empire troops escape the chariots but the wargs hunt them down.
The Empire manages to stabilise the line,ignoring the wargs flank breakthrough  and launch a counter attack.
Goblin spear-men make no match for the empire firing line
The guns are destroyed by the rampaging wargs.
A goblin ship lands its troops but they are contained by a reserve regiment.
The second ship is boarded by the second reserve regiment and captured.
In the main battlefield the shattered goblins try to hold
Grenadiers bring down the trolls, finally
The goblin general goes into the attack personally but with only a shaman for support, he is slain without doing any real damage.
the last goblin ship tries to escape but is straddled by gunfire.

The game was a good one, and the first time most of both armies have met, I was playing goblins with phil.   Haley and my youngest played the Empire.  If I made any mistake it was to try and attack all at the same time, the Empire held reserves so could fight fires easily where when ever I broke through I could not follow up.  

Ofcourse Phil's mad Goblin ship attack was out of my control so I cannot accept any of the blame, he was in such a rush to get to shore and land troops he ignored the smaller empire ships, and although sinking the line of battle ship it did not make up for the loss of his Trireme Dromon or the capturing of one of his biremes.
If anything can be learned from the battle its that those pesky Empire guys have good firepower and good moral, and goblins need more points! 

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