Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Field in Ukraine - circa 1914

Trying out my new 10mm Great war figures, 2 opposing forces of Russian and Austro-Hungarian.  
Russian forces have just taken a village and dug in on the northern flank along the sunken road.
One problem the Russian army has is its terrible command and control.  Russian command control was no better than it was in the Napoleonic war, added to this the loss of half decent commanders due to the way officers had to be promoted in the Tsarist regime.    Hence the lack of initiative and numbers of orders would hamper the Russians.
Russian forces were advancing along the road in the centre of the battlefield, although is was to move them faster into blocking position, lack of order dice caught them in the marching order.
Russian rapid fire guns hit the Austrian infantry but poor dice led to minimal effect.
Russian troops along the road came under fire from the stream bank, with the Russians on the stream unable to take any supporting action.

Russian cavalry made a charge on the Austrian guns but were blocked by infantry.
Russian 76.2mm Field guns Quickly unlimbered and began to fire on the Austrians on the hill.

Austrian cavalry make a charge on the flank of the Russian breastworks. 
On the other side of the battlefield Russian troops attempted crossing the stream under heavy fire from the Austrian guns.
Austro-Hungarian lancers overrun the Russian guns.
The whole Austro-Hungarian flank was on the move now.
Hungarian Ulans hit the Russian Infantry
in the centre the Russian column is destroyed.

Russians try to make a stand.
Final charge of the Austrian cavalry, although exhausted the shattered Russians broke and fled or surrendered.
Despite the ponderous command of the Austro-Hungarians army it proved better on the day than the Russian army.

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