Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Battle Report - Dwarves, Undead and cthulhu

 The Deep ones army is on its first outing, and it was a 3 way battle, each with objectives picked from a deck.  The Deep ones, made up of Fishmen, Cthulhu cultistes and a mix of older creatures such as Elder things, Cthulhu Spawn and Shoggoths, took posession of an old ruin.   
 Dwarf forces advanced on the Deep ones, keeping a firm line, the Dwarf Steam Ironclad made a run against the Deep ones, coinsiding with an undead attack of Skeletons and Vampires.

 The Steam Ironclad made a good show against the skeletons but when attacked my Shoggoths and Cthulhu himself the Dwarf tank stood little chance.
 Undead forces fought it out with the deep ones routing Fishmen and cultists but came up against the old ones forces and the attack halted.
 The vampiures did the most damage but up against Shoggoths the undead stood no chance.
 The Dwarf steam dirigable cleared the hill of enemy and Dwarf guns took up a commanding position on the hights.

 The  Deep ones brought up their Elder thanks and crabs, but under heavy fire the crabs could not hold the Dwarves.
 The elder thaings pushed the dwarves back to the river on a moral fail.
 a large counter attack by fishmen decided the matter and the dwarves were pushed from the river bank.
 Ending the game the dwarf artillary came under attack from the elder things but poor fire dice led to the old gods taking posession of the hill.
I have not mentioned the undead much as they did not do anything interesting, but the game proved the deep ones and their older gods were a match for the Dwarf steam powewred machines and Dwarf guts.  (which they saw alot of).

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