Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rommels Tanks get turned

 British forces Have dug in along a low ridge, with wire and trenches they hope to stop the German advance. 
German Panzers race to the gap at the end of the British defences with fighter support.

British troops in the trench line lay in wait for the Desert Fox, 25pdrs open up on the advancing German infantry.

British tanks move out to face the Germans in the open, the plan is to get the germans to attack the allied tanks and come within range of the anti-tank guns.   Crusader II take the lead with Crusader III covering.

2 tanks knocked out and 1 stunned by a Stuka Dive bombing Attack

Spitfires come to the aid of the allied tanks, but Hans-Ulrich Rudel appears to be piloting one of the Ju87's, Bullets pepper a spitfire and it goes down under smoke, the second spitfire withdraws.

The british tank assault takes the germans in mid manoeuvre.  the light british 2pdrs hit the german tanks on the flank armour to impressive effect.

Another bombing run by Stuka's and counter fire from the german tanks take down 3 more allied tanks.

While the tank battle is raging the british lines have been blasted by infantry guns and 88's knocking out the british guns and a german infantry assault begins.  The initial assault on the shocked and pinned british puts a full company in the bag, but the germans lose as many to the british 25pdr's

German sappers push through the trench line but their supporting armour is unable to get through the minefield, leaving the infantry to fight alone.

More troops rush behind the lines and supported by Grants the British plug the breach.

With the infantry assault a failure its left to the tanks to sort it out, the tank battle is even, with half of each side losing their tanks.  In numbers the Germans can claim victory, but the British still deny the battlefield to the Afrika Korps.

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