Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Battle of the three armies

 The first battle of the three armies.  Sounded like a good idea at first, turned out into 2 separate battles. 
Goblins sent in the Cave trolls against the undead, while moving most of the infantry around the undead flank, after this they sent a small unit of warg riders and bats to hassle the dwarves.
Undead Attacked across the stream, For some reason the vampires got instantly killed, so the skeletons had to launch a full attack with all the infantry.  This failed and the skeletons ended up back on the opposite bank of the river.
Quick necromancy spells filled the un-dead ranks and a second attack carried through.

Goblins attacked across the flank of the undead, killing the unit of skeletons guarding the fort and taking the fortress and necromancer hiding in it.
With the skeletons crumbling to dust the victorious goblins rushed the dwarf survivors, 8 turns for the goblins to win the table.

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